Have an idea for a project or community event you think would be a good fit with Roman Susan? Tell us who you are, what you do, and the experience you want to share! Send a detailed outline in any format of your choice to

Roman Susan is planning the final year in our iconic flatiron storefront at 1224 W Loyola Ave in Rogers Park. We are excited to celebrate the creative legacy of this space, and we are seeking proposals that consider our original locale – site-specific, transformative – projects that might only be able to happen in our curious space! 

For the next deadline, we will accept proposals through June 17, 2024. Some additional guidelines – we are seeking:

  • Solo projects by Chicagoland artists with new work for November 2024 to August 2025;

  • Curatorial proposals for two-person exhibitions featuring Chicagoland artists for November 2024 to August 2025;

  • Proposals for outdoor performances in August and September 2025;

  • Single works for consideration as part of a concluding group exhibition in August and September 2025.

  • What hasn’t happened here yet?

Artist Honorariums

Selected proposals receive project honorariums, scaled to the duration of the project. Roman Susan is a W.A.G.E. Certified Institution, and all artist fees meet W.A.G.E. payment standards.

Annual deadlines are June 10 June 17, 2024 and December 10, 2024 

All proposals are considered for the next calendar year. Following the submission deadlines, proposals are reviewed by community volunteers, and then selected by popular consensus among Roman Susan directors. Notification of the proposal status generally occurs within 50 days of the review deadlines. If you would be interested in volunteering to review incoming artist proposals in the future, please sign up at Proposal Review Volunteers.

Roman Susan favors proposals which

  • Share new work;

  • Engage our neighborhood;

  • Reflect communities in our immediate vicinity;

  • Showcase Chicago and Great Lakes artists;

  • Transform our space; and

  • Compliment our current trajectory.

Scheduling (rough estimates)

  • Exhibitions: 10 days setup + 30 days exhibition + 3 days deconstruct = 6 weeks

  •  Short-run projects: 1-10 days setup + 1-2 event days + 2 days deconstruct = 2 weeks

  • One-nighters: 1-5 days setup + 1 event day + 1 day deconstruct =1 week


Visiting our space before preparing a proposal is strongly recommended. We reside in a corner storefront, 85 meters northwest of the Loyola Red Line CTA Station, with large south-facing windows, track lighting, a sunken floor from the street with blue-gray carpet, an irregular non-load bearing plaster ceiling, and almost no storage space. The building at 1224-1234 West Loyola was built in 1928 with boiler-controlled radiator heating; work that needs a climate controlled environment should not be proposed for this storefront location.

Here are additional materials for an idea of the storefront’s layout: Floorplan (png) and 3D model (skp).

Other Calls for Art and Participation

In addition, Roman Susan currently has the following calls for artist participation: Annotations & Inserts in public library spaces; streetview installations of Moving Image; and our AUX partners hold an open call for Performance Response. Below is a map of arts and cultural spaces in our proximity, if you are seeking other programs in this area. You may also be interested in our list of other Chicagoland art spaces that accept artist proposals.

Other art spaces in the Chicagoland area that accept proposals:

4th Ward Project Space



Carthage College

Chicago Art Department

Chicago Center for Photojournalism

Chicago Public Library

Cleve Carney

Co-Prosperity Sphere

Comfort Station

Compound Yellow

Evanston Art Center

Experimental Sound Studio


Heaven Gallery

Hyde Park Art Center

Ignition Projects


Lake Forest


Lubeznik Center for the Arts


The Martin

Narrow Bridge Arts Club


Parlour and Ramp

PO Box Collective

Pueblo Unido

Ralph Arnold

Roots & Culture

Special Feature

Spudnik Press

Sweet Void Cinema


Tiger Strikes Anstroid



Art organizations in the Chicagoland area that offer fellowships, residencies, support:


Arts + Public Life

Chicago Dancemakers Forum


Cliff Dwellers

High Concept Labs

Hyde Park Art Center

Links Hall

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Open Television

Let us know of additional local opportunities via email →