*between the tongue and the taste*
Berger Park Cultural Center
6205 N Sheridan Road, Chicago IL

Call for Art-Writers Waitlist
Sessions Wednesdays April 19, May 17, June 21, July 19, August 16, September 20 from 6:30-8:30 PM

The third assembly of the art-writing group *between the tongue and the taste* is now in session. The group meets to read, discuss, and offer helpful criticism of the writing of its members for six meetings, April through September 2023.

Joining the group at Berger Park are Lichen Bouboushian, Maddie Brucker, Deirdre Colgan Jones, Eliza Fernand, Laura Goldstein, Millicent Kennedy, Maya Lea, Annette LePique, Craig Neeson, Caroline Preziosi, Robin Reid Drake, Taylor Rogers, Sara Zalek, with guests Kayla Anderson and Amber Ginsberg.

The group interprets the idea of art-writing loosely, serving as a space for its members to receive feedback on writing that constitutes part of their artistic practice. The group encourages diverse forms, including but certainly not limited to: pieces of writing meant to be artworks in their own right, performance scripts, poetry, fictocriticism, statements, studio logs, etc. The purpose of this group is to give its participants access to an audience of critical readers—a rare resource outside academic institutions—as well as to further develop Chicago's strong community of artist writers.

Each monthly session features a guest art-writer, and three members volunteer to share a piece for the following session. Pieces are anywhere from loose ideas to final versions, and writers include a brief statement with each piece about the type of feedback for which they’re looking. 

*between the tongue and the taste* is led by Mel Keiser and Matt Martin. The upcoming events are being shared at Berger Park Cultural Center as part of Movement Studies – a programming series investigating social and environmental transitions. Previous iterations of the group in 2018-2019 were hosted at Wedge Projects