More Than A Place
1224 W Loyola Ave, Chicago IL
January 28, 2014 - February 8, 2014

Works and contributions by Caitlin Arnold, Gabriel Bump, Carolina Fernandez, Cy Gavin, Jade Huell, Caldwell Linker, David Lytzhøft, Kyle Montemurro, Maggie Roche, Cecilia Salinas, Roberta Schmatz, Nancy Valladares, Tricia Van Eck, Betsy Vandercook, Zach Waters, Holly Wilkinson, Adeline Wisernig, Magdalena Wistuba, and others. Curated by Marina Pfenning and Nicholas Szczepanik.

More Than a Place  explores the tangible and intangible meanings we associate with home as individuals and as a community. By presenting art and personal artifacts—each imbued with its own discrete history of feelings and memories—people from all paths of life will have the unique opportunity to come together, connect, and gain a deeper insight into the lives of one another.

Home is where you grew up and where you now live. It’s your family, the environment, and the objects you cherish; it’s a feeling, a fading memory, a tradition, and a sense of belonging. As we grow and change, which notions of home stay with us and which fade away? How do they become the conduit of community?

Marina and Nicholas were both raised elsewhere and are now Chicago-based artists who share an interest in similar conceptual themes questioning an individual's idiosyncratic relationship to one another, him- or herself, and the environment. Together, the artists are investigating new ways to further develop their respective art practices through the direct social engagement of online and local communities.