Julietta Cheung
September 1, 2021 - December 21, 2021
Consonance is a series of photographic street posters that explores the nature of public speech. Using the graphic forms of the alphabet to inspire prototypes of objects for use in street demonstrations (such as bullhorns, flags, and barriers), the work depicts language as the tools for ongoing collective action.

Consonance is shared by Roman Susan Art Foundation as street posters on buildings, construction sites, and common infrastructure across Chicagoland, as a partner program for The Available City of the Chicago Architecture Biennial.

Julietta Cheung is an interdisciplinary artist who works with language and everyday objects. Her themes and approaches are informed by her experience as a second language user and her background in graphic design. Through her textual appropriations, typographic experimentations, reading performances, and sculptural explorations, Cheung's body of work work examines collective attitudes and common assumptions. For more information, please visit juliettacheung.net.