Gwyneth Anderson

1224 W Loyola Ave, Chicago IL
May 30, 2017 - June 5, 2017

Thaumatropes are optical toys that create the impression of image blending between two discrete sides of a picture disk that is twirled at high speeds via string and fingers. Utilizing historical images of the surrounding neighborhoods from the Rogers Park/West Ridge Historical Society, Gwyneth Anderson created a series of works in the form of this early animation technique. A video of the works will be projected at 1224 West Loyola Avenue in the evenings, visible from the street after dark.

Anderson is a visual artist exploring invisibility, perception, and the phenomena of movement. She has screened and exhibited work in galleries, festivals, and unaffiliated outdoor areas throughout the US and internationally, including with Roots & Culture, Roman Susan, Woman Made Gallery, Hyde Park Art Center, and 6018 NORTH in Chicago; the Freies Museum in Berlin; the XL Art Space in Helsinki; and @ptt in Geneva. As an artist in residence, she has gestated at the Experimental Sound Studio (Chicago), FRISE (Germany), Harold Arts (Ohio), Arteles Creative Center (Finland), and Utopiana (Switzerland).

Anderson lives in Baltimore, where she spends time with paradox and ancestral ghosts. She teaches experimental animation with Baltimore Youth Film Arts at Johns Hopkins, and is currently training towards a certificate in Deep Listening. For more info, please visit