1224 W Loyola Ave, Chicago IL
January 13, 2018 - February 3, 2018

Featuring works by Carla Argueta, Joanna Booth, Salome Chasnoff and Meredith Zielke, Molly Crabapple, Kelly Hayes, Danbee Kim, Monica Trinidad, and We Charge Genocide.

Still image of interview with Gloria Pinex, mother of Darius Pinex, from Present Absence by Salome Chasnoff and Meredith Zielke

The opening reception featured a discussion with Rogers Park residents Maria Hadden and Maya Schenwar about the state of policing, as well as a performance by Tasha Viets-VanLear. The closing featured a participatory discussion on the history of policing with Mariame Kaba.

Remembrance was a part of the city-wide exhibition Do Not Resist? 100 Years of Police Violence organized by For The People Artists Collective. Do Not Resist? is supported in part by the Crossroads Fund and the Propeller Fund. For a full event listings at all sites, please visit

Remembrance Exhibition Guide (PDF)

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