Jin Lee
Dance 8
Chicago, IL

African American Dance
Barbara S. Glass
GV1624.7.A34 G53 2007
Sandra Cerny Minton

GV1782.5 .M56 1997

March 21, 2022
Edgewater Public Library

Hidden Figures
Margot Lee Shetterly
QA27.5 .L44 2016
Modern Mathematicians
Harry Henderson
QA28 .H46 1996
March 21, 2022
Rogers Park Public Library

Two books were placed in the Edgewater and Rogers Park libraries, between the books noted above. Dance is a collection of 16 monoprint lithographs on Rives BFK, printed by Jin Lee in 2019. Each page is a digital documentation of the print. The book is a scale of 3:11; the original size of the print is 22" x22".

These 16 prints are printed out of a single matrix which is 25 1/2" x36" positive litho plate. The 16 images on the square frame are the output of the multi-angle conversation between the artist, T and Bar registration system, limitation of the print press, the size of paper, shape, pattern, and color. Accommodating unexpected further goods while excavating the restraint of each element is the goal of this collection. The movements and repetitions of shapes and colors throughout the print suggests the rhythm in the sequence.

Dance consists of series of eight picture books, and this book is number 8. The whole series shares the same 16 images of the lithography portfolio with different orientations and combinations for spread and page order. With the complete set of Dance books, you can install them as four pages by four pages and enjoy the inexplicable choreography of the shapes and colors, flipping through the pages. For more details, please visit jinleeart.com/dance.