To experience Dear Human as a fully-integrated audio walk, first download the Gesso app. Using a smartphone, visit

  • Open the app, and click “always enable location.” You will be prompted to set up an account.

  • If you’re in Chicago, the app will automatically show Dear Human as a “Self Guided Walk”. If you’re outside of Chicago and want to take a look, tap the city name at the top of the app, and select “Chicago” from the pull down menu.

  • Charge your phone and bring a pair of headphones with you to the park.

  • Once you physically arrive at the park, begin the program with the “Welcome” track. The walk begins at the park entrance, and from there you can explore the sites on the map in any order you like. 

If you prefer to navigate without GPS, audio and transcripts are shared on

Alternate locations for the audio tracks include and donnersounds.

For collected materials, printable maps, and other related work by the artist, please visit