Lauren Sudbrink
Courageously Easy & Obligingly Alone

1224 W Loyola Ave, Chicago IL
July 23, 2022 - July 31, 2022

Courageously Easy & Obligingly Alone is a performative installation in several parts, stemming from Sudbrink’s larger work “840 Variations on Vexations,” a project which presents conceptual, poetic responses to duration, endurance, labor, and artistic interpretation, providing possibilities and inspirations for artists and musicians considering their own roles in labor and the re-inscription of the creative process.

With much of our day-to-day returning to a new normal we find ourselves in a state of post pandemic joy-seeking – overcompensating for the months of restriction – and now looking for playful, collaborative outlets for our energies. Using a selection of new graphic scores – inspired by Satie’s Vexations – a series of individual performers will interpret the scores in the orchestra pit of Roman Susan. Their playful and unscripted performances will rejuvenate the score to Vexations, while also encouraging visitors to consider their role as audience and participant.

The first weekend will host live performances by local artists Sonya Bogdanova, Mariel Harari, Anna Johnson, and Breanne Trammell. The second weekend will play host to a screening of recorded performances by artists Greg Ruffing, Rory Torstensson, Aaron Walker, and Loraine Wible. In between performances, Roman Susan hosts graphic scores and objects that are part of the 840 Variations on Vexations series. Guests are welcome to interpret the scores during their visits.

Lauren Sudbrink is an artist living and working in Chicago. Recent and ongoing works deal with the transactional nature of experience, examining the potentials and difficulties inherent in participation and play, as evidenced by her ongoing series on 19th Century composer, Erik Satie’s “Vexations,” titled “840 Variations on Vexations.” This question of participation and experience has been particularly significant as we navigate the daily challenges of the social and our shared experiences. For more information, please visit