Christopher Smith
Casual Hexagonal Relations

1224 W Loyola Ave, Chicago IL
Forthcoming 2021

In lieu of his scheduled exhibition, Christopher Smith will be taking up residence at Roman Susan presenting a shifting selection of sculptures and flat works orbiting the work Honey Never Spoils, a high definition video of an archival yet edible sculpture in storage waiting to be consumed. Honey Never Spoils will be visible directly from the street August 11 through August 20, 2020 while the storefront space at 1224 W Loyola Ave remains closed to the public. The exhibition Casual Hexagonal Relations will be rescheduled and presented in 2021.

From 2008–15 Christopher Smith organized exhibitions in a vacant lot, a fire pit, and a medicine cabinet. His work has been presented at The Franklin, Roots and Culture, and the Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago. He received his MFA from Northwestern University. For more information, please visit visualdesolation.tumblr.