Anatomy for Interiors
1224 W Loyola Ave, Chicago IL
June 11, 2022 - June 12, 2022

What is a space? How do we make it? Does it exist in our bodies, in architecture, or in between them? Using movement and music as primary mediums, Lia Kohl, Jasmine Lupe Mendoza, and Corey Smith explore these questions by identifying and reconfiguring the elements which create physical, ideological, and sonic space. The results of this practice are collected under the umbrella of Anatomy for Interiors.

This sprawling, 24-hour performance inside of Roman Susan is a structured improvisation shaped by the human actions of daily life — the eating, drinking, sleeping, working, fucking, exercising, and socializing that takes place inside of our rooms and our lives. At times playful, boring, and vulnerable, the work reimagines space and bodies as it is formed by space and bodies — 24-hours of incomplete glances at gesture and movement, shape and sound. The work will be visible from the street from noon on June 11 until noon on June 12. A public-facing performance will occur from 5-7pm on June 11th. 

Jasmine Lupe Mendoza, Lia Kohl, and Corey Smith are multidisciplinary artists from Chicago, united in a shared curiosity for somatic, musical, and architectural practices.

Photo by Ricardo Adame.