Courtney Mackedanz
Almost Like A Pasture
1224 W Loyola Ave, Chicago IL
November 10, 2023 - December 10, 2023

a person wearing a green shirt and black pants straddles a metal crowd control barrier that is seen in the grass with a stone backdrop. Their arms are outstretched holding the vertical portion of the barrier with fists and their legs wrap around either side of the barrier for support.

Almost Like A Pasture is a constellation of sculptural props, tactile images, and performance gestures exploring the poetic parallels between people and horses, surveillance and pastures and power as it can be traced through haptic qualities of touch, heat, and friction in such relations.

Courtney Mackedanz is a transdisciplinary artist living and working in Chicago. Her work explores themes of embodied resistance and demonstrations of care within the context of received and embedded choreographic conditions such as wage labor, surveillance, or nervous system states. Mackedanz's practice incorporates critical research, creative writing, collaborative dancemaking, and image/sculptural experimentations to explore how expanded notions of the choreographic might structure, steer, catalyze, and constrain potentials in movement.

Almost Like a Pasture included a performance on December 2, 2023 with Jasmine Lupe Mendoza and Zachary Nicol.