AUX provides administrative support to help artist-run initiatives realize their work. We apply what we have learned as an artist-led nonprofit to work with others on communications, fiscal sponsorship, grant writing, and project management. AUX operates on a sliding-scale, project-by-project basis. If we could be helpful for your work, let us know!

Roman Susan is a grateful partner of Performance Response Journal, with support from the Walder Foundation, Hyde Park Art Center Artists Run Chicago Fund, and individual donors. Joining our Rogers Park storefront neighbors at PO Box Collective, we are acting as fiscal sponsors for their expanding efforts. Working with 6018North, we’re learning about our surrounding neighborhoods, local sustainability, and the arts infrastructure of Chicagoland.

In the past, we’ve relocated artworks with 062 to preserve and celebrate the creative legacy of Thomas Kong, helped build prairie platforms for the Chop Wood Carry Water residency, been the fiscal sponsor of Stitch x Stitch with support from Illinois Humanities, and facilitated a grant for The Back Room with support from The Propeller Fund.

The animation here was created by Gwyneth Zeleny Anderson to commemorate the start of the AUX program. Gwyneth was one of the Roman Susan directors in our early stages of learning how non-profiting worked for us.

Reach out if you are interested in working together.

Performance Response Journal is an online platform run by performing artists, writers, cultural producers, and witnesses of performance work in Chicago. Co-founded in 2016 by Joanna Furnans and Hope Goldman, and relaunched in 2020 with Aaliyah Christina and Felicia Holman, Performance Response Journal holds an open year-round call for response. Roman Susan has worked with PRJ since 2020 to facilitate financial support from the Walder Foundation, Hyde Park Art Center Artists Run Chicago Fund, and individual donors.

Image above is a film still from Trio A Translation Project by Cherrie Yu.

PO Box Collective is a creative intergenerational social practice center dedicated to building Rogers Park community through radical art making, mutual aid, and programming. PO Box embraces a horizontal organization model that centers marginalized voices while fostering mutual growth and healing. PO Box intentionally works to counter systemic oppression, while building up positive alternatives outside of those systems and structures. Roman Susan is working with PO Box Collective as a fiscal sponsor for grants, while the collective applies for their own nonprofit status.

6018North is platform and dynamic venue for innovative art and culture in Chicago, challenging what art is, whom it’s for, and where and how it’s created. Roman Susan has worked with 6018North since 2018 to assist on communications, grant writing, and project management.

Image above is an outdoor installation view of the exhibition Living Architecture, photo by Nathan Keay.

Thomas Kong (January 16, 1950 - May 1, 2023) was an artist working in collage and assemblage, using advertising, packaging and other surplus material from his convenience store, Kim's Corner Food, located in the Rogers Park neighborhood of Chicago. Roman Susan has worked with 062 and many other friends of Thomas to relocate artworks from Kim’s Corner Food so that his creative legacy will be preserved and celebrated in the future.