ROMAN SUSAN ANNEX is a series of site-responsive projects that activate public and domestic spaces. If you have a suggestion for a new location or collaborative programming ideas, please write to us via The first ANNEX location was in the Howard Theatre building at 1637-1643 W Howard St. The second location was a domestic installation at W Birchwood Ave and Sheridan Rd. The third location returned to the Howard Theatre building at 1629 W Howard St. The fourth location occurred in the Hello Howard Garden at 1545 W Howard St, followed by additional programming at Birchwood and Sheridan. The fifth location was at 6433 N Ravenswood Ave for a collaborative project with the Chicago Industrial Arts & Design Center. The sixth location was at 7363 N Greenview Ave for a collaborative project with the Rogers Park/West Ridge Historical Society. The seventh location was on Glenwood Ave between Morse and Lunt as a part of the annual Glenwood Ave Arts Fest. The eight location is along the train embankment at the intersection of Glenwood Ave and Estes Ave as a part of the Mile of Murals. The ninth location is at 1226 W Loyola Ave, in Salon Pastiché. The tenth location was at 1371 W Estes Ave, in Kim's Corner Food. The eleventh location is at 7077 N Ashland Bldv, courtesy of The Cuckoo's Theater Project. The twelfth location was on Lane Beach at Sheridan Rd and Thorndale Ave for a collaborative project with 6018North. The thirteenth location was at 1131 W Sheridan Rd, at Ralph Arnold Fine Arts Annex, for a collaborative project with Department of Fine and Performing Arts at Loyola University Chicago. The fourteenth location is at 1448 W Sheridan Rd, at Wedge Projects. The fifteenth location was at 5925 N Ravenswood Ave, at Experimental Sound Studio. The sixteenth location was at 6418 N Greenview Ave at the Leather Archives & Museum. The seventeenth location was at 3400 Cedar Ave in Minneapolis, home of MirrorLab. The eighteenth location was at 2233 S Throop St, Chicago IL. The nineteenth location is in public libraries, in Chicago and elsewhere. The twentieth location is at 6205 N. Sheridan Rd at the Berger Park Cultural Center. 

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