IZAH + JUNEER, in-corporated
A* Hiccup In Time
1224 W Loyola Ave, Chicago IL
October 29, 2021 - November 20,  2021

Dialogue + Shaking Saturday, November 20 // 6 PM
Hoyo Negro + emulsions tests Lorena Barrera Enciso screening on view from the street after dark, through November 20
Within the Circle sea michell workshop Saturday, November 6 // 3 PM
Internal / External Lion vs. Gorilla performance Sunday, November 14 // 1-5 PM

A* Hiccup In Time is a collaborative installation and performance between Izah Ransohoff and Juneer Kibria (IZAH + JUNEER, in-corporated) focusing on a site- and time-specific pivotal installation at Roman Susan.

This project is a collection of gestural and temporal responses by artists – friends, who are brought together to respond to each other and the space of Roman Susan. The project is not a traditional curation but instead an invitation to participate / experience the vulnerability we often feel during these times.

Given the current crisis of the coronavirus pandemic – time is like molasses flowing both fast and slow. For many of us we can not partake in certain rituals that helped us navigate situations and instances of time. Given the upheaval and the global tragedy that is on-going – time is moving fast.

When do we hear about the news of the tragedy – social media, at what instance? 
How do we say farewell to the departed? 
How do we comfort those who are far away?  

Relevance of the past, in what we ground our present and uncertainty of the future - real and relevant time has become molasses.

Interrupt it, regurgitate it, and come up with something new, a hiccup.  

This work is being shared at Roman Susan in alignment with The Available City as a partner program of the Chicago Architecture Biennial.