Siobhan Leonard

Capture Community Project
October 6, 2013 - October 26, 2013

Siobhan Leonard's art education career began teaching film to children at a summer camp. As an experiment, she implemented stop-motion animation into the curriculum. The simple role of drawing was key as students created pictures, frame by frame, and assembled the many images into a short film. This experiment made Leonard realize just how much freedom there is in drawing and how uniquely different each person draws.

In a city that is so vast and separate, Leonard will expand this project into a Chicago-wide initiative. She will cover rooms in paper and invite community groups, members, and neighborhoods to participate in drawing as she takes pictures and animates the process. Each corner of the city, neighborhood, and municipality will have their own version and she will string each community’s film together into one. The final piece will be a unique rendering of Chicago’s cultural demographics. The first place she will begin this project at Roman Susan in Rogers Park.